Top 5 Best Water Transfer Pumps in 2020

best water transfer pumps

Carrying water cans or paying for water services every day can be costly. You can spend your day fetching water using cans every day where this will make you fatigued and bored. You can even be draining water from a well which is very dangerous. Worry no more because Best water transfer pumps are here to help you solve the problem. The pumps are designed for pumping water from wells or draining different liquids from one location to another.

There are different types of transfer water pumps in the market and choosing the Top rated water transfer pumps can give you a hard time. The pumps have different models and designs, and they are made to perform different functions. Some are designed to drain water in and out of pools, emptying pits, pumping diesel, and other liquid pumping applications. With the help of this water pumps, you can work in your home without being fatigued, and the pumps will give you the best service you need.

What is a water transfer pump?

This is a tool that is designed for draining fluid from one point to another. They are usually used for draining and emptying pits, pumping diesel, transferring chemicals, filling trucks with water and many other liquid pumping applications. They occur in different models that are separated, and they also occur in different designs. The pumps work differently because they have different flows, so you have to look for more details before buying a pump.

The pumps have different propellants like petrol, gas and electricity. They are usually designed to make your pumping work easy and avoid carrying many water cans every time. The pumps occur in different sizes, and at different prices, so you have to look for the one suiting your needs.

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Liberty Pumps 331

Champion 2-Inch Gas-Powered

SumpMarine UTP

When looking for a transfer pump, the first thing that should come in your mind is the pumping power, pressure, durability and convenience to avoid buying a wrong product that will force you to go back to the shops. Consider a pump that is multi-purpose so that it will serve you different in your home. Below are the 5 top water transfer pumps you can choose in 2018.

Top 5 Best Water Transfer Pumps in 2020


This transfer pump uses a powerful 115-volt motor that has high pressure and can pump high volumes of water within a shorter period. This pump is convenient for pumping household water like cooking, washing and other household chores requiring water. The pump is portable and lightweight such that you can connect it in any position. The pump is bronze coated where this coat ensures the durability and resist thread damage.

This pump can be applied when you want to

remove stagnant water off basement floors, and can also be used in construction sites, draining water beds. It removes water 1/8” when the water suction is connected. The pump features a power cord that is long enough to help you connect it to any position.

• Powerful to pump high volumes of water
• Uses a 115-volt motor that is powerful and has high pressure
• Convenient for pumping household water
• Portable and lightweight for easy carrying
• Bronze coated for enhancing portability
• Features a long power cord for easy pumping
• Comes at an affordable price

• High pumping power and pressure
• Portable

• Lacks an on the switch
• Overpriced


This pump is made from durable cast iron that will give you the best service for a long time. This pump can remove water out of flooded basements, stock tanks or boats within a shorter time. It features a strong motor that has the efficient pressure that makes it convenient to wash cars and sidewalks. It features a suction pump that filters debris easily and the brass hose connection resists stripping and can easily be connected to garden hoses.

It has a maximum flow rate and can pump a maximum of 1450 GPH within a little time.

The pump can generate up to 50 PSI at outlet hose. The installation of this pump is easily installed has a user guide to avoid any complications when using. The pump is a great time saver since you don’t have to carry water cans. The pump has rubber on the base that will ensure the pump stays in position without sliding.

• Made from durable cast iron
• Features a strong motor that has efficient pressure
• Has a suction pump that filters debris easily
• Maximum water flow and high pumping power
• Easy to use and install

• Durable
• Time-saving

• Leaks when pumping

3. Liberty Pumps 331

This is the strong transfer pump currently in the market where it suits your needs very well. It is energy efficient, and energy saving is meaning it will not consume much of your energy and this will save the power costs. It can pump a maximum of 1400 GPH liquid. It features a 20-foot power cord that gives you the freedom of connecting the pump to any position and use comfortably.

This portable pump is perfect for draining hot water tanks, boosting water pressure and other liquid transfers. It features a powerful motor that is capable of pumping high volumes of water, and the

pressure is strong to pump a maximum of 40-pound. It has an easy to use on/off switch that gives you an easy time to operate the pump. Has a durable powder coat finish and the pump is usually designed for permanent installations.


• Capable of pumping a maximum of 1400 GPH
• Has a long power cord to fix it anywhere
• Energy efficient for high-speed pumping
• Powerful motor that pumps high volumes of water
• On/off switch to ease use
• Durable powder coat finish

• Energy efficient
• Lightweight

• Low-quality pump

4. Champion 2-Inch Gas-Powered

This is a perfect choice when you want to pump water quickly and efficiently. This pump features a 20-foot cord that gives you the freedom of fixing it to any position you want water to be drained out or pumped. It can be used to drain water into and out of swimming pools, draining flooded areas, removing water from the basement.

The pump features a handle that makes it lightweight and portable. It can deliver a maximum

of 158 gallons per minute and can pass solid wastes up to 16 inches in diameter. The pump has a fuel tank that holds a big volume of oil, and this helps you to pump water within a shorter period without worrying about the breakdown. The pump is eco-friendly where it will not affect your health when using it. The pump is well priced and built with perfect quality.

• Perfect fit for pumping water quickly and efficiently
• Features a powerful long cord where you can fix it in any position
• Features a handle for portability
• Passes solid wastes easily
• Eco-friendly pump

• Perfect quality
• Well priced

• Lacks a manual for water operations

5. SumpMarine UTP Transfer Water Pump

If you are looking for a heavy-duty pump, this is the best choice you can find in the market. This multi-purpose pump can pump 330 gallons of water per hour. It is a perfect choice when pumping water for household usages like cooking, washing, cleaning and other water requirements in your house. It can also be used to pump water for commercial use.

The pump features the high power of 115V when connected in a socket. The pump has high pressure and water flows conveniently even when you place the cord in a hilly position, and this will save your time.

The high water flow makes the pump best for watering gardens, draining waterbeds and unblocking sinks. It is lightweight and portable where you can carry it to any position you need to pump water. Made from durable materials with metal hose connectors and this provides more reliability than plastic threads.

• Heavy-duty
• High pumping power and pressure flow
• High water flow and this makes your pumping easy
• Lightweight and portable for easy carrying
• Made from durable materials that last for a long period
• Multi-purpose water pump
• The long power cord allows you to fix the pump in any position

• Multi-purpose
• Durable

• Has an overheating problem

Factors to Consider When Choosing Water Transfer Pumps

1. Pressure
Before choosing any water transfer pump, this is an important thing to consider. The pressure applied by the pump should be powerful enough to pump liquid even when the pipe is set in a hilly position. You can buy a pump that does not have much pressure and this will lead to slow pumping and more time will be wasted.

You should also consider how the pressure is being applied where you can use it for a household application or outside house applications like gardening. A household application pump will not require that much pressure comparing to the pressure being used to wash cars.

2. Size of inlet
The size of the water inlet will highly determine how much water will be pumped. A bigger inlet will drain water faster and fill your tank fast, and this will save more time. A smaller inlet can take a long time to fill your tank because the pipe will only carry a small amount of water. A good pump inlet should have a size of 1-5” size for easy and frequent passing of water.

You have to make sure you get the best inlet with a good size that will transfer your liquid very fast. Therefore, the bigger the water inlet, the more the pump will transfer more liquid within minutes.

3. Cost
Don’t buy a pump that you find in the market without knowing the price. You should first do proper research on what you want to buy to avoid reaching the market and avoid buying a product that will affect your budget.

The high-quality pumps are usually costly because they are made from quality materials that enhance a good performance. You can also choose the less costing pumps where they still perform their functions in a good way. Mostly consider a costing machine that will last for a long time.

4. Quality
One of the things you should look at any pump is quality. The best thing that can tell whether a pump is of quality is the how the motor functions. A quality motor should be reliable and quick enough to pump high amount of liquid within a short period.

any pumps usually have motors that are not environmental friendly where they cause a lot of noise. A quality motor performs its functions in a quiet way, and this will give you a relaxing environment when using the motor. You should first make proper research on the product you want to avoid buying a low-quality pump.

4. Durability
Water pumps are usually made from durable materials to ensure a good pumping and water flow. But there are those products that are not well designed with durable materials where they will not give you a good service. A good pump should last for a longer period to save you costs of buying new pumps time by time where this may affect your budget.

5. Ease of use
Many best water transfer pumps come with user guides that indicate how to operate the pumps. The pump you intend to buy should be easy to use without giving you much struggling. There are pumps that sometimes you can be forced to hire someone to pump water for you because they are hard to use. Therefore, buy a pump that will be stress-free to use and the pump that will be easy to install.

Who needs this water transfer pumps

These water transfer pumps are a perfect choice for people who usually require more water at their homes or for gardening, washing cars, and for commercial uses. The water transfer pumps make work easy and this makes them a perfect choice for transferring any liquid.


When you need to transfer any liquid from one place to another, you need to use a tool that is strong to make your work fast and easy. You need to invest in a transfer water pump to achieve this. Buying a transfer water pump that will suit your needs can be time-consuming because the products are many in the market and thorough research is needed to avoid making a wrong purchase.

The guide above will help you choose top 5 Best Water Transfer Pumps in 2018, and you have to look for many features like, size, portability, lightweight, design, cost, durability, and many other features that are included in the products above. Consider buying one of the products in the guide above because they are well researched, and they will suit your functions perfectly.