About the Top Pick Guy

My name is Jerry D. Moss, I'm a family man, homeowner, gardener, and camper. I have a passion for trying new tools around the house to make our lives better. So, I built this website around water-related tools that I've used when working on different projects around the house, building gardens, and emptying pools.

Our Review Process

My goal is always to provide personal, hands-on reviews. If I can't personally get my hands on a product to review, I get reviews from family, trusted friends, and guest bloggers. I also have a small team (of grandparents) that read through hundreds of product reviews from multiple sources so that you don't have to.

History of the Top Pick Guy Website

TopPickGuy.com started as one of the best websites to learn about water pumps and other plumbing resources in your home.

The main objective has always been to give consumers highly researched guides and up-to-date reviews that are needed to make the right purchase for your specific needs.

Top Pick Guy Website Features

If you have any water-related issues in your home, Top Pick Guy is your best option. Our services include Blogs and Guides on how you can go about different plumbing in your home, such as How to Replace a Shower Valve, How to Install a Sump Pump, How to Install New Faucets, and other similar activities.

At the end of our guides, you will notice that you can achieve more in your home without the need to hire a professional plumber.

Consumer Trust

Providing consumers with trustworthy, non-bias, unpaid reviews is my main focus. With all the products and reviews on the web, we understand that reviewing a product can be overwhelming, and that's where the Top Pick Guy can help.

Please Contact Us with suggestions on what we can do better to serve you and gain your trust.