How To Replace A Sump Pump

How To Replace A Sump Pump

A sump pump is a piece of equipment you can’t afford to miss in your home if the basement is below the water table level. This tool pumps out water that may have accumulated in your basement area to keep it dry.

When water is left to collect in the basement, it can compromise the structural quality of your home, which can lead to collapsing of your home. That is why you should ensure that you not only have a sump pump installed in place but also ensure it functions properly at all times.

Replacing your sump pump is one of the measures you can take to ensure you have a pump that is in good working condition. How do you go about? What will you need? Below is a comprehensive guide in how to replace a sump pump.

What you need in order to Learn How To Replace a Sump Pump

A replacement sump pump – A suitable replacement is the first thing you need to have before you start the task. If possible, choose a model similar to the old one to make the whole process easier because of having similar parts. You can reuse some of the parts if they aren’t worn out too much which will save you some cost.

Water pump pliers/Screwdrivers – Will help in disconnecting and connecting various parts.

PVC Pipe – To form the outlet/discharge line.

Check Valves – For preventing the flow back of water into the pump from the discharge line when the pump stops to pump, and the water pressure in the pipes reduces.

Union Connector – For connecting the piping.

Hacksaw – Cutting pieces of pipes.

Priming material – To ensure everything sticks together firmly.

Safety equipment – Have gloves and eye protection in place for the safe execution of the project.

Steps on How To Replace A Sump Pump

Step 1 – Unplug the old sump pump from the power socket to avoid being electrocuted during the replacement process.

Step 2 – Disconnect the discharge line by cutting it using a hacksaw or the pliers. Pull up the pump and place it a distance away from where the working area to avoid cluttering.

Step 3 – Gently lower the replacement pump into the sump until it sits level. Ensure there are no obstructions for the optimal functioning of the pump.

Step 4 – Cut a PVC pipe for use as the discharge outlet and place it into the discharge of the sump pump. You can also opt to use the old discharge line if it’s not damaged. Apply a priming material to give the discharge line a firm holding. You should give it a few minutes to dry.

Step 5 – To prevent flow back, connect the check valve to the discharge line if the replacement pump you are installing doesn’t come with check valves. Avoid making the mistake of placing the valves in the wrong direction which can lead to blocking the flow of water and damaging the pump. Check the arrow indicators on the checks to ensure you get it right.

Step 6 – Use the union connect connector to connect the discharge pipe to the main discharge line of your home or direct the discharge pipe away from your home.

Step 7 – Fill the sump with water and plug the pump to a power supply. Ensure the pump automatically turns on and pumps the water out.

Step 8 – If everything is working as expected, clean the area around and store any parts you may need in the future as spares.

When Should You Replace Your Sump Pump?

Now that you know how to replace a sump pump, when do you know that your old pump needs to be replaced? The following are signs you need a sump pump replacement;

Abnormal or no sound

While sump pumps will naturally make sounds when operating, you should take note of excessive or no noise at all when it is working. Being completely quite or making too much noise are signs your pump is having problems and may require to be replaced soon.

Water level rising above the sump

If you notice water starts to rise above the sump, don’t wait until your basement gets flooded, replace your sump pump immediately.

Age and usage

When did you buy your sump pump? The performance of a sump pump decreases with years of usage. Therefore, if your pump has been in use for long, you need to replace it.


Replacing a sump pump is easy when you have the necessary tools, and you observe safety precautions. This guide outlines all you need to get the task completed right and safely. However, if you are not confident enough to do it, consider seeking the help of a plumber.

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