How to Install a Curved Shower Rod

How to Install a Curved Shower Rod

Curved shower rods are simply the modern alternative to the traditional shower rod. They offer a more spacious area to shower in, which offers more comfort. They may seem intimidating, but the truth is that they are actually very simple to install. With the right tools and maybe the help of a friend, you can have this installed in an hour or two. No need to call a plumber and spend extra money. In this guide we are going to show How to Install a Curved Shower Rod easily. 

You Will Need:

To complete this job, you will need…

  • An Allen wrench
  • A screwdriver
  • Plastic wall anchors
  • A level
  • A drill
  • A new curved shower rod

How to Install a Curved Shower Rod (Installation Process)

Although they may not be as easy as the traditional shower tension rod, curved shower rods are not as complicated as they might seem. With all of the above tools, this job is simple and easy to complete.

Remove the Old Shower Rod:

If you had a simple tension rod, unscrew it and take it down from your shower. However, if you had a shower rod that was screwed into the wall, unscrew it and take it down. Check for any damage to your wall and consider filling the holes the old screws made with some putty. This is the time to do it if you want to do it.

Choose a New Place for Mounting Holes:

Hold your new shower rod up to the wall and mark off the best place to fit it with a white crayon, something that is easy to take off of your wall. Make sure that the shower rod would be level and consider having a friend hold it in place so you can mark it.

Use a thin pencil to mark the holes for the screws so you know exactly where to put the plastic wall anchors. If the area is thinner than a pencil, consider using a thin piece of metal instead.

Put Your Plastic Wall Anchors in Place:

Now that your spots are marked off, install plastic wall anchors where you made those marks. When installing them only push them in as needed. Do not over tighten them. Once the wall anchors are flush against the surface of the wall itself, stop and do not tighten them any further.

Install the Wall Mount:

Now that the plastic wall anchors are in place, take the mounting pieces of the shower rod and screw them into place. Make absolutely sure the rod would be level once more before taking this step as you would not want to unscrew the mounting piece to adjust it. Check to make sure it is sturdy and do not over tighten the screws as you could strip them.

Attach the Shower Rod:

Now that the mounting is in place, attach the rod to the fixture as the manufacturer recommends. Most shower rods are a clip-in, so simply clip it into place and then make sure it is sturdy. Once you’re done, attach a shower curtain of your choice and then you are good to go. Your shower rod is installed.

Other Considerations on How to Install a Curved Shower Rod

  • Ask a friend to help you. While this can be done alone, it can be difficult to hold up the rod yourself.
  • Make sure you have all of the measurements of your space before you go to buy your new shower rod.
  • Never drill into the side of an acrylic bathtub. Always make sure to mount the rod on the wall right beside the tub.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, mounting a curved shower rod and installing it may seem like a difficult task, but it is more simple than it looks. As long as you have the right tools and, potentially, the help of a friend, the shower rod can be installed in under an hour.

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