Best Shower Curtain Rod Reviews – To Buy In 2022

Top Pick

iDesign Cameo Metal Large Expandable Constant Tension Shower Rod

  • 50-87"
  • 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

ALLZONE Tension Shower Window Curtain Rod

  • 42-81"
  • 4.5 out of 5.0 stars

iDesign Astor Metal Tension, Adjustable Customizable Curtain Rod

  • 43-75"
  • 4.5 out of 5.0 stars

BINO Tension Shower Curtain Rod

  • 42-72"
  • 4.0 out of 5.0 stars

EXCELL Home Fashions Curved Shower Curtain Rod

  • 40-72"
  • 4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Buying Guide for the Best Shower Curtain Rods

Are you looking for ways to remodel your bathroom, more specifically your shower? You likely are looking for the best shower curtain rod. For those who are not aware, a shower curtain rod is the horizontal rod above the shower that holds the curtain, while also helping it open and close properly.

There is a lot to consider about shower curtain rods, from how they look in your bathroom, to how they perform when you step into and out of the shower. You also want to consider what material rod you need as well as one that is easy to install. You want to find overall shower curtain rod for your bathroom, and that is exactly how we would like to help you, today.

In this review, we will be reviewing six shower curtain rods from brands such as Ex-Cell, Safety Innovations and Bino. We will show you each shower curtain rod’s strength in addition to their weaknesses. We will then declare the Top quality shower curtain rod that is well worth your investment for your bathroom endeavors.

Without further ado, here are the shower curtain rods that we will be reviewing.

Top 5 Best Shower Curtain Rods in 2022

1. InterDesign Cameo Constant Tension Shower Curtain Rod

InterDesign has made the first shower curtain rod that we will be looking at. This one is available in many different sizes and colors, including white, black and bronze. The size we are reviewing is one in between 50 to 87 inches in length.

This is a retractable show rod that comes in two halves. To install, extend the rod to both ends of your walls and twist to lock them in place. This is a fairly easy way to install the rod with no power tools required. The curtain rod is made of a combination of steel and plastic.

The rod looks great and will not rust from water or moisture, which can especially be concerning when it is above a shower or bathtub.

If you prefer this to be hung in front of a closet, specifically a walk-in closet, you can do this as well with this shower curtain rod. If your closet doesn’t have any doors, you can easily install this between two walls and put in some appealing, walk-through curtains for a bedroom makeover.

There is a spring mechanism inside this shower curtain rod, and it can be very stubborn to handle. This makes it more difficult to install the rod when you otherwise would prefer a hassle-free experience.


  • CONSTANT TENSION RODS: Large constant tension shower rod is perfect for bathroom, shower stall, bathtub, changing area, closet, window opening, and more. Strong enough to hold shower curtains, window curtains, clothing, and other items
  • RELIABLE HOLD: Constant Tension technology provides strong tension without shifting. Non-slip end caps provide added stability
  • EASY TO USE: Installation is quick and easy - just extend to fit opening, twist and lock into place for a firm hold
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made of corrosion- and rust-resistant steel with a white finish and plastic end caps. Rust-resistant for years of use
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE: Shower curtain expands from 50 to 87 inches


  • Available in three different colors.
  • Has good re-tractability.
  • Has a nice design.
  • Is free of rust and corrosion.


  • Not as easy to install.

2. ALLZONE Tension Shower Window Curtain Rod

Allzone’s shower curtain rod is only available in white and comes in two sizes. The size we are looking at is the bigger size: 43 to 83 inches in length. Like Interdesign’s shower curtain rod, this rod is retractable.This is an easy to install shower curtain rod that requires no drilling or nails. Just extend it out from wall to wall and twist it to lock it in place. These rods can hold up to 20 pounds, and can even hold heavy curtains to separate beds inside a bedroom or suite. They also can be easily installed on many types of walls which include wood, drywall and tile.

The unique feature of this shower curtain rod is its unique button design. This locks the rod in position so that it doesn’t move, slip or collapse out of place. This simply adds another layer of defense from a costly mistake that might happen. The buttonhole feature is its greatest strength, but it is also its greatest weakness. There are various holes throughout the rod for the button to go, and this means that your rod must exactly fit inside your walls, or else it won’t ever. If you even have a little bit of room, that’s no good.


  • [ NON-SLIP DESIGN] - This rod is designed with the lock-in feature, stays in place. You will no longer experience the pole that came crashing down as traditional twist-type models.
  • [ HEAVY DUTY ] - The max load for this adjustable rod is 30lb. Heavy-duty springs inside allow the rod to compress & that makes it fit tight & stay in place.
  • [ APPLY FOR ANY WALL SURFACE ] - You can use our tension rod for smooth and rough surface like Wallpaper wall, Tile wall, glass and wooden frame,etc
  • [ LAUNDRY ROD ] - You can also use this tension rod above washer and dryer to hold hangers and drying clothes.
  • [ VERSATILE USAGE ] - Our shower rod can be used in many places such as bathrooms, windows, doorways, bedrooms, balconies, patio and laundry rooms etc
  • [ FAST & EASY INSTALLATION ] - No drilling, no tools. Our heavy-duty tension rods give you a creative, easy way to hang curtains and room dividers within minutes.
  • [ UNBEATABLE DESIGN ] - Our premium tension rods are high strength, durable, and feature a finish that looks great in any setting.


  • Has a button lock feature.
  • Can carry a heavy curtain.
  • Has good retractability.
  • Has a nice design.
  • Easy to install.


  • The button lock feature is limited.

3. iDesign Astor Metal Tension, Adjustable Customizable Curtain Rod

InterDesign has a second shower curtain rod for it. This one is finished with brushed stainless steel, and can retract from 43 inches short to 75 inches long. This also is a retractable shower curtain rod.This is a corrosion and rust resistant rod that is made of stainless steel and plastic. The brushed finish also made it more eye-catching in more traditional looking bathrooms, opposed to no finish or a chrome finish. This is the typical twist curtain rod that adds tension when you twist the two parts from wall to wall. They guarantee that this rod will not slip or collapse out of place.

While this is a nice shower curtain rod, achieving the tension that you need in order to make it work can be rather difficult. Depending on the length of your walls, or what kind of walls you have, the tension can be easy to achieve or nearly impossible. So you are not even guaranteed whether or not this will even work with your bathroom.


  • RELIABLE TENSION ROD: Functional spring tension rod is perfect for bathroom, shower stall, bathtub, changing area, closet, window opening, and more. Strong enough to hold shower curtains, window curtains, clothing, and other items
  • DURABLE: Rust-resistant steel construction for years of durable use. Rubber feet protect your walls from scratches and keep the rod in place
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Simple twist, extend, place into position, and tighten to hang in your shower and bath area!
  • STYLISH: This shower curtain rod has a brushed stainless steel finish that is cohesive with any decor
  • IDEAL SIZE: Rod is adjustable from 43"-75" to fit in your open space


  • Has good re-tractability.
  • Has a nice design.
  • Easy to install.
  • Is free of rust and corrosion.


  • Tension is hard to achieve.

4. BINO Tension Shower Curtain Rod

Bino has a shower curtain rod that is available in two different finishes. You can choose a polished chrome for a modern look, or a brushed nickel for a slight timeless look. This rod has a beveled look to it that gives it more detail on the ends. Overall, the look is nice.Bino’s curtain rods are retractable, meaning they can shorten and lengthen by simply pushing or pulling them. This shower curtain rod can fit in openings that range from 42 to 72 inches in length. By twisting the two halves of the rod, you tighten and lock it into place.

This makes the rod easy to install with no tools required. It is as easy to install as it is to remove. Don’t worry about the rod un-twisting itself and falling off. The rod requires three to four full revolutions for it to be fully locked. The rod is made of steel overall. Steel is resilient as it is tough and appealing in the bathroom. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that this isn’t stainless steel. This rod will simply rust over time. The only way to prevent rust is if you dry the rod off after showering, and we know that many people don't have an interest in doing that. Another solution to this is to buy a can of clear coat and put a coat onto this rod every now and then.


  • Easy, tool-free installation keeps your wall in original condition
  • Fits in openings ranging from 42 to 72 inches
  • Simply twist to tighten and lock in place
  • Made out of durable steel with a polished chrome finish
  • Measures 2" x 2" x 42"


  • Easy to install.
  • Has good retractability.
  • Has a nice design.
  • Is available in two finishes.


  • This rod can easily rust.

5. EXCELL Home Fashions Curved Shower Curtain Rod

This next shower curtain rod is from Ex-Cell. This is a more simple shower curtain rod that has a brushed nickel finish.This rod comes with a pair of brackets that can turn. With that in mind, you can use this shower curtain rod on parallel walls or walls that face one another. You can even consider installing this shower curtain rod on the ceiling for something different in the bathroom.

All you need to do to install this rod is to drill the brackets into the wall with a power drill and snap the rod in place. This rod is adjustable from 40 to 72 inches in length.

Just like Bino’s shower curtain rod, this rod can greatly suffer from rust. If you have a can of clear coat, you can spray a layer of it on to prevent rest for the time being. If not, then you will need to wipe the rod dry after every shower.


  • CURVED BATHROOM CURTAIN ROD: Minimalist and adjustable shower curtain rods can be used for bathrooms, bathtubs, shower stalls, changing rooms, closets, and much more. The shower rod has a strong metal construction to hold shower and window curtains
  • DURABLE AND STRONG: The bath curtain rod features rust-resistant metal construction to enable longer durability. Wall attachments on the curved rod are stylish and keep the bathroom walls scratch-free
  • ADD MORE SPACE: Curved Shower Curtain Rod will add 7” of space to your bathroom tub or shower stall! Features a brushed nickel finish to go with any bathroom or home décor style
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The shower rod is easy to install and adjust. Simply mount the brackets to the wall and snap the rod into place. All hardware is included
  • SIZE: Shower Curtain Rod is adjustable from 40'' to 72'' to fit your bathroom/ room space. Includes 1 curtain rod


  • Easy to install.
  • Can be installed on any kind of wall.


  • This rod can easily rust.

Stay-Put Shower Curtain Rod Mount

Last but not least, we have not a rod, but a pair of shower rod mounts. These are a pair of rubber pads with textured grips. They are meant to reinforce the tension of your existing rods and hold them securely without any risks. These mounts were not made with design in mind, though.

These mounts can work with shower curtain rods that are up to one in three-eighths in diameter. On the backsides of these mounts, you have these suction cups that can easily stick to your walls. They are easy to get on, but hard to get off. No tools are required, and installation is simply a snap. Furthermore, you can put these rubber pads on any type of wall in any way that you see fit.

You will need to buy a new shower curtain rod, or use this existing rod, in order to utilize these rubber pads. The color is not really that appealing unless you had an all-white bathroom wall and shower curtain rod.


  • A non-slip rubber pad with textured grippers holds shower curtain rods securely in place.
  • A wide base helps prevent damage to walls by spreading the tension of the shower bar evenly over a larger area which makes installation more stable.
  • Easy tool-free installation.
  • Works with tension-mounted rods and bars up to 1 3/8” diameter.


  • Easy to install.
  • Can be installed on any kind of wall.


  • No shower curtain rod included.
  • Does not look appealing.

How to Choose The Best Shower Curtain Rod

Here are some tips for you as to how to choose a shower curtain rod for the bathroom. There are various characteristics of a shower rod to consider.


Look for a rod that will go well with the rest of the decor inside your bathroom. Elements like colors and wall coverings, as well as finishes should affect your decision. Your towels, the rug and your shower curtain, with its colors, style and patterns should also be taken into consideration so that you have an appealing looking bathroom overall.


You would like your shower rod to not only look great, but to do the job right all the time. Shower curtain rods should be manufactured to be strong enough to hold up not just a shower curtain, but also wet towels. These rods come in a myriad of materials that can also improve the look of your bathroom. Most rods are either made of metal or plastic, although a distant third place is wood.Plastic rods come in various colors and are more affordable than metal, however, they are not as durable. Metal rods come in finishes, rather than colors, such as brushed nickel, chrome and bronze.

Type Of Wall

The material of your wall is also a big consideration for choosing a shower curtain rod. For example, if you have tiled walls, a tension rod is the best choice for you, on account of tension adhering to the wall with a good deal of friction. THis also does not require you to use mounts that require you to drill any holes into your wall.


If you prefer to have more room in the shower, you would like a rod that curves outwards. If your tub is in a corner of the bathroom, you will need an L-shaped rod. To be sure that you have the right size, measure your shower area accordingly. One thing to consider is that you can make a large rod smaller, but you cannot make a small rod larger.

Final Verdict

The shower curtain rod that we consider is the best for your money is the BINO Doric' Shower Curtain Tension Rod is the Best Shower Curtain Rod. Many shower curtain rods come with some concerning faults, such as difficulty to install or other flaws. The biggest flaw with this rod is one that you can avoid, though. Rust can be avoided in one of a few different ways; Wiping the rod dry after use, applying a can of clear coat or using a dehumidifier in the bathroom. Bino’s shower curtain rod is beautiful to look at, at a great bevel design, and comes in many different colors. It will not cave under pressure and it is fairly easy to install without any setbacks or roadblocks. That is why Bino’s shower rod is the one that we most recommend to you.