The Best Curved Shower Rod Reviews 2022 – (Top Ranked)

Top Pick

LDR Exquisite Adjustable Curved Shower Curtain Rod

  • 36-61"
  • 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Zenna Home NeverRust Curved Shower Rod

  • 50-72"
  • 4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Zenna Home NeverRust Double Curved Shower Rod

  • 45-72"
  • 4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Moen Adjustable Length Curved Shower Rod

  • 54-72"
  • 4.0 out of 5.0 stars

iDesign Curved Metal Shower Curtain Rod

  • 41-72"
  • 4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Buying Guide for the Best Curved Shower Rods

Having a shower is everyone's daily task and it should be relaxing. If you had a long day working and sweating, you get inside your shower to relax. However, some shower rods can leave you feeling cramped when you should be relaxing. And this claustrophobic feeling can be due to the fact that so many types of shower rods are simply straight.

If you want the best showering experience, only the best curved shower rod will work for you.

Let’s take a look at six of the best curved shower rods.

Top 6 Best Curved Shower Rods in 2022

1. LDR Exquisite Adjustable Curved Shower Curtain Rod

The LDR chrome plated shower rod and is curved and adjustable from 36 inches to 61 inches, giving you that wide look. Also installing the curtain is easy and the curve design is ideal in case you want to increase space for showering. It also features a construction that is heavy-duty and a chrome finish which is stylish and the ideal upgrade for the bathroom decor.

It is important to note that LDR has 75 years of experience as the leader in the manufacture of top-notch bath, kitchen, plumbing, and other items to the industry for home improvement. Therefore, this curved rod has guaranteed quality.


  • Adjusts from 36-inches to 61-inches to accommodate most showers.
  • Constructed of high-quality aluminum with an elegant chrome finish.
  • The curved telescoping design maximizes your shower space.
  • Easy to install instructions - hardware included.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


  • Has a well-designed chrome finish.
  • It increases the showering space.
  • Very adjustable.
  • It is sturdy.


  • Lifetime warranty is limited.

2. Zenna Home NeverRust Curved Shower Rod

The Zenna Home curved shower rod is made of aluminum, therefore, it can never rust unlike steel and stainless steel. The aluminum material also makes the rod appear beautiful for a long time. Installing the shower is also simple and quick and fits firmly in position without tools, damage, or drilling of the tiles or drywall.

This shower rod provides an additional 6.5 inches when it is expanded to 72 inches offering your shower a more spacious look. It is easy to install and does not require tools-you just extend then twist. Because it is made of aluminum it is not only rust-free but also has less weight thus its installation is easy as opposed to the steel rods. It features instructions to assist you in the fitting. Besides this, it has a chrome finish making it look stylish and adding to the bathroom decor.

The shower rod features two settings for tension. You have to first tighten the screw in the shower rod to put it to the approximate total length then twist a small part of the rod to finely tune the tension and length.


  • STRONG, ATTRACTIVE, AND RUSTPROOF SHOWER ROD: Made of lightweight but strong aluminum, chrome shower rod will never rust.
  • INNOVATIVE CURVED DESIGN INCREASES ROOM IN THE SHOWER: Transforms your shower and increases elbow room.
  • TENSION MOUNT HOLDS FIRM: Rod extends to wall and holds firmly in place.
  • ADJUSTS TO FIT STANDARD SHOWER SPACES: Rod is easily adjustable to fit shower openings from 50 to 72 inches, with no cutting required.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: No tools, no drilling, and no damage to walls.


  • It is easy to assemble because of the light material used.
  • Offers the elbow room.
  • The aluminum material prevents it from corrosive rust.
  • It lasts long because it does not rust.
  • It has an easy no-cut design that is telescoping and can be installed in the normal 60 inch or 70 inches.


  • It is quite costly.

3. Zenna Home NeverRust Double Curved Shower Rod

The Zenna Home is made of aluminum therefore guaranteed to never rust. Thus, you can use this shower rod for a long time.

The aluminum also makes it look attractive. Besides this, the aluminum weighs less, therefore, making installation easier than the other steel rods.

It also has a stylish chrome finish. The double-curved design also makes your bathroom look stylish. You can also add more elbow room from this curved design. This rod’s curve provides up to 12.5 inches of extra space giving you that feeling of more space. It is a simple no-cut, telescoping structure and can be installed in the normal 60 inch or the larger 72-inch tubs, however, it can fit in the small 45-inch spaces.

It also has brackets mounted by a screw which allows for the safe installation of the rod to the bathroom wall. The decorative brackets complement the elegant look of the also features details to help you put the rod in place.


  • Made of Aluminum.
  • STRONG, LIGHTWEIGHT, AND RUSTPROOF CONSTRUCTION: Guaranteed for life against rust.
  • TWO RODS ARE BETTER THAN ONE: Dual rod design; the second rod can be used to hang towels or clothes, or to separate a shower liner and shower curtain to help keep mildew from forming.
  • MORE ELBOW ROOM INSIDE SHOWER: Innovative curved design provides valuable extra “elbow room”.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Instructions and mounting hardware included; no cutting required.
  • LOOKS GREAT IN YOUR BATHROOM: Rich chrome finish complements most bath décor and hardware choices.


  • Made of aluminum, therefore, it cannot rust.
  • It is easy to install because it has less weight.
  • Has a chrome finish, which makes it look stylish.
  • It lasts longer than stainless steel.
  • It features other mounting software like the brackets mounted by a screw.


  • It sags when added more weight.

4. Moen Adjustable Length Curved Shower Rod

You will be able to add more space and style to the shower using the Moen Adjustable shower rod. Moen Adjustable can be extended to fit safely surrounds of 5 to 6 feet and features the curved design which offers more room in the shower. Its 180-degree angle for flanges mounting offers an easy and safe installation. Also, its heavier rod means it can hold heavier curtains in the shower. The rod features a cover that is decorative which helps to hide the hardware for mounting ensuring a clean, seamless appearance.

This rod is resistant to corrosion, therefore, its performance is long-lasting and is also supported by Moen’s Lifetime warranty. Also, its high-quality finish resists rust in its daily use.


  • VERSATILE DESIGN: Chrome finish is highly reflective for a mirror-like look that works with any decorating style.
  • STANDARD SIZE: Fits most at-home shower sizes.
  • PRACTICAL DESIGN: Adjusts between 4.5' and 6' (54" and 72").
  • PEACE-OF-MIND: Designed for hassle-free installation.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Backed by Moen’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.


  • Resistant to corrosion.
  • Mirror-like finish of chrome.
  • Has decorative traits which offer the element of style.
  • It is supported by Moen’s Lifetime warranty.


  • Supplied anchor screws.

5. iDesign Curved Metal Shower Curtain Rod

This shower rod creates more space without costly remodeling. This rod is perfect for small showers or narrow bathtubs. The easily adjustable pole slowly curves offering an extra 5.5-inch room arc for a relaxing experience. Made from steel, the pole is resistant to corrosion and rust hence offering long-lasting durability.

This shower rod kit has all the hardware for mounting to the wall, even including decorative covers for brackets. Inter Design boosts 40 years’ experience in providing affordable and elegant products, hence you are sure to get quality service from this showering rod.

This shower rod allows a custom fitting since the expandable rail for the shower uniquely fits shower and bathtub openings 41 inches to 72 inches.


  • RELIABLE CURTAIN ROD: Functional and adjustable curtain rod is perfect for bathroom, shower stall, bathtub, changing area, closet, window opening, and more. Strong enough to hold shower curtains, window curtains, clothing, and other items.
  • DURABLE: Rust-resistant steel construction for years of durable use. Attractive wall attachments protect your walls from scratches and keep the rod in place.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Simple twist, extend, place into position, and use included hardware to hang in your shower and bath area!
  • STYLISH: This shower curtain rod has a matte black finish that is cohesive with any decor.
  • IDEAL SIZE: Rod is adjustable from 41"-72" to fit in your open space.


  • It offers additional space for the shower of about 5.5 inches.
  • It highly resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Features easy and quick installation.
  • It is affordable.


  • The drywall screws may prove problematic.

6. Burstein804 Curved Shower Rod

This shower rod will provide 25 percent more space in the bathroom. It can also be adjusted to fit between 36.5 inches to 66 inches. In case you want a shower that is an easy fix, this is the best choice.

The rod is lightweight and therefore it is easy to fix. It is also made using aluminum hence it does not easily corrode. The rod is also very cheap but it has good quality service. It also has step-by-step instructions for installation and mounting brackets, screws, and wall anchors.


  • Perfect for standard-large showers with 36.5-66 inch openings (this will not fit small stall showers).
  • Up to 25% more space in the shower.
  • Not a tension rod, you never need to worry about it falling!
  • Each order includes a curved shower rod, mounting brackets, wall anchors, screws, and instructions.
  • Brand new and adjustable.


  • The material is light hence easy installation.
  • Adjustable.
  • Offers an additional 25 percent more space.
  • Has mounting brackets, screws, wall anchors as well as guide details.


  • It is made of plastic. Hence it may sag.

Factors to Consider When You're Looking for the Best Curved Shower Rod

1. The theme of your Bathroom

Do not just buy any curved shower rod because it is available in the market. Choose shower rods that will the decor of your bathroom very well. Consider most the color in your bathroom and the everything covering it. The pattern and the style of the material constructing the shower rod should be well matching with the things in your bathroom like walls, rugs, and bathmat and towel color. This will make your bathroom more organized and appealing to anyone who wants to use it.

2. Construction

A good curved shower rod should be able to resist any damage. The shower rods are usually made of strong materials that enhance the durability of the rod. They are also sturdy enough to hold your towels or any other bathroom clothes hanged there. Most of the rods are made from plastic and metal materials, but you can also choose the rods that are made from wood though they are not durable as metal rods. The rods also come in different colors and styles that will perfectly match with your bathrooms decor.

Therefore, consider buying a rod that is made from strong and durable materials. A durable rod will save you more money because you don’t have to keep going to the shops buying for new ones.

3. Size

Before buying any shower rod, you should first consider the measurements of your bathrooms and the area you want to install it. If you don’t have the right measurements, you can end up buying a shower rod that does not fit your bathroom. You can find the shower rods that have adjustable features, and this will give you an advantage if you make the wrong purchase. A well-sized shower rod will make your bathroom neater and organized than having an oversized rod that will make your bathroom a bit disorganized.

4. Cost

In case you want to buy a shower rod; don’t buy a rod that higher than the money you have. Buy a rod that will favor your wallet to avoid making extra costs. Though the buying of any product depends on the strength of your pocket. There are shower rods that are usually expensive, but they are of high quality, but you can still find cheap rods that will perform its functions perfectly.

5. Installation

Consider buying an easy to install shower rod. A good shower rod should be easily installed without requiring any tool or paying someone to install it for you. It should also take a little time to avoid wasting your time. You can buy a shower rod that will be hard to install where you will be forced to return it or purchase a new one, and this will force you to make extra costs.

6. Weight support

One of the foremost things a good shower rod must have is stability. A good shower rod should be stable enough to hold a good your towels well or any cloth you place on the rod. If you buy a rod that is not stable, you will be forced to buy a new one, and this will be more costly.

Who needs the best curved shower rod?

This product is perfect for anybody who wants to limit the potential spread of water from your bathroom by offering a means of attaching shower curtains.


The above-mentioned shower rods are some of the best curved shower rods and they will offer taste and elegance to your house. While most people may focus a lot on the curtains, it is also important to consider the accessory types you fit to offer durability and the ideal appearance. The shower rails and rods are vital as you install the bathroom curtains.

A quality rod is an ideal way of updating the bathroom cheaply. In case you want stability, style, and durability that will stay longer than most showers, pick the Zenna Home twin curved curtain rod. Though it could prove to be a big investment initially, its construction is of great quality and unrivaled guarantee to make the rod enhance the bathroom for a lifetime. This shower rod is made from aluminum and can never rust, it will also more space for you to enjoy your time in the shower.