Superior Pump 91250 Reviews

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Superior Pump 91250 Reviews

The Superior Pump 91250 Utility Pump is a great device for people who need to transfer water for any reason, like pool water transfer change, aquarium water change, or water transfer due to flood. This pump also works better for a flushing heat exchange in a tankless water heater.

The Superior Pump is used to get maximum power for less cost. This pump is one of the best utility pumps because it is built to last a long time and every component used to build this pump is 100 percent tested by the factory for top quality.

The Superior Pump 91250 comes with ¼ HP and a maximum of 1800 gallons in an hour. Every single piece of equipment used to build this pump are only used after a pass of a 100% factory test. The company offers a 10 feet long power cord with this pump. Most of the people fall in love with this engineered design.


  • The superior pump 91250 Utility pump comes with ¼ horsepower.
  • This pump can move a maximum of 1800 gallons per hour.
  • This pump offers 10 feet cord length.
  • This pump comes with a removable suction screen
  • The superior pump made to last and Built with a high-quality component that is tested by the factory.

Performance of the Superior Pump 91250

The Superior Pump 91250 utility pump offers a major and the best performance with is a continuous duty. The motor used in this pump is a very strong and split capacitor, and can run continuously and offers the best performance for the same amount of cost compares with other pumps.

This motor is more safe to work even in long-distance it can perform the same as near. You can expect the same amount of output in and distance with no more extra cost. Superior pump 91250 is the best where clogged water.

Technical details of superior pump 91250

  • This pump is manufactured by superior pump.
  • This pump comes with 0.16 ounces weight.
  • The dimension of the product is 12 x 7 x 7 inches.
  • This pump built with ¼ HP motor
  • This pump comes with black color.
  • Superior pump 91250 Use 120 volts and it uses alternative current (AC) power source.


  • This pump built with Thermoplastic material
  • No batteries required.
  • High capacity pumping system.
  • Value for the money.
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • The cord of this pump is inflexible while cold season.
  • This pump doesn’t have a battery included.

Some FAQs about Superior Pump 91250

Q. Is this pump required a battery?

A. No battery is required. Because this pump runs with the alternating current which can be plugged with it built-in 10 feet long cord.

Q. How much voltage required for the pump?

A. This pump can run with 120 voltage with the alternative current.

Q. Is this pump can store power and can it run when no electricity?

A. No, this pump can’t store power as there is no battery included in it. Due not to include a battery in it this pump can’t run when out of electricity as this pump only runs with AC power source. 

Who needs a Superior Pump 91250 utility pump?

The Superior Pump 91250 utility pump is used to transfer water from one place to another place. People who need to transfer water for an emergency situation or who need to transfer water for a little flood or who live in sea level or owner of a pool. This pump can the best pool water transfer pump.

This pump also can the best fit for changing the water of an aquarium. This pump works much better to transfer water for an aquarium. This pump works great while a tankless water heater. This pump offers great facilities to flush a tankless water heater.


This pump offers a lot of features like major durability, best performance, continuous duty, less cost compared with others pump. This brand builds only quality items with 100% factory tested equipment. This pump body builds with thermoplastic equipment for which this pump is harder and digestion resistant.

Finally, we can say this water pump is the best water transfer pump found on the web. We research a lot of pumps on the web and got the maximum positive review for this one on Amazon, eBay, Walmart. This pump is a very strong device. The company offers a 1-year limited warranty for this pump.

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